Trifolium x permixtum

Licensed in 2013 


Variety PRAMEDI is breeding of interspecies hybridization of genotypes red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) cv. Tatra (2n = 4x = 28) and zigzag clover (T. medium L.) (2n = 8x = 64).
Were detected confirmative difference among hybrids and by both parents. The number of stems per plant is confirmative high by hybrids. In hybrid population are short underground rhizomes which are not in T. pratense. This character is obtained by T. medium.


  • Perennial species from family Fabaceae, suitable as replacement for red clover in plant stand.
  • Height, flowering time and quality are comparable to standard variety of red clover tetraploid.
  • Hybrid plants Trifolium pratense L. x Trifolium medium have short underground rhizomes and higher persistence.
  • 1000-seed weight is 2.8 g.



  • As forage crops on arable land in mixture with grass for feeding, for fodder conservation or green feeding.

Agronomical characteristics:


  • Sowing rate for seed yield 10–15 kg/ha.
  • Sowing rate for feeding exploitation in pure stand 15–20 kg.
  • Agronomical practices are similar as for red clover.