Arrowleaf clover

Trifolium vesiculosum Savi.

Licensed in 2014
Mass selection of foreign varieties followed by selection in dry conditions.

Arrowleaf clover


  • Annual species from the family Fabaceae with long taproot.
  • Stems are erect, semi-erect and hollow.
  • Leaves are large, elliptical to arrow leaf
  • Plant growth habit looks like Trifolium  alexandrinum
  • Flowers occur in round to oval heads, usually on long flower stalks.
  • Flowers are white to rosy.


  • In monoculture as main crop, catch crop or in mixture with annual ryegrass.

Agronomic characteristics:

  • Sowing rate is 12–15 kg/ha.
  • Sowing in 12.5 cm rows at depth of 2 cm in very early spring.
  • Early first cutting as weed protection.
  • Provides to cuttings per year.
  • For seed harvest from  first  cutting.
  • 1000-seed weight is 1.37 g,
  • seed colour  pink to red
  • 1st cut yield - 14-17 t/ha in fresh matter
  • 2nd cut yield - approx. 13 t/ha in fresh matter