Evening primrose

Oenothera biennis

Licensed in 2012
Crosses of wild genotypes followed by mass selection.

Evening primrose


  • Biennial oil plant from family Oenotheraceae, suitable for dry soil.
  • Plants are 100 cm high.
  • Flowers are yellow.  
  • Flowering time is July–August.
  • 1000-seed weight is 0.338 g.



  • Suited to dry regions for production of oil.
  • Seeds contain 10% of oil with gamma-linoleic acid (GLA 5–7%).
  • Evening primrose is suitable as a constituent of flowering mixtures as food source for pollinators.
  • Yield of seeds 900–1,100 kg/ha.

Agronomical characteristics:

  • Sowing rate 5–10 kg/ha in cover crop or in summer pure sowing 10 kg/ha.
  • Depth of sowing is overground or very shallow.