Cicer arietinum

Year of registration: 2017


annual plant with a strong stem resistant to lodging, covered with glandular hairs branched root with nodule bacteria the flowers are red to pink the pods contain 1–2 brown seeds

Economic traits

  • a legume with high protein content
  • a crop suitable for food (flour, whole seeds are eaten cooked or roasted)
  • for its high drought resistance and atmospheric N fixation potential it is suitable for improvement of sandy, podzol soils dump heaps and for increasing yields of subsequent crops on the arable land

Practical advice to growers:

  • warm-loving crop productive in warm and drier regions
  • sowing in early spring to retain moisture in the soil
  • rate of sowing (80 – 120 kg/ha)
  • TGW approx. 250g
  • the growing season, depending on climatic conditions, is 130 days