Crown vetch

Coronilla varia L.

Year of registration: 1990 and 2020

Crown vetch

Morphological description:
The tuft weakly developed in the seeding year and loosely spreading in subsequent years. The stem is hollow, angular and 80 cm tall. Its adventitious rhizomes spread approximately up to 200 cm from the mother plant. The leaf is green to dark green, imparipinnate. The flower is pink, sporadically pinkish white. The fruit is formed by constricted lomentum. The seed is oblong, mahogany in colour, the 1000-seed weight is 4–4,1 g.

Agronomic characters:
This is perennial clover plant which develops slowly in the seeding year but a dense, compact stand is formed in subsequent years. It is used predominantly for technicalk purposes, checkong soil erosion, slope revegetation, feeding to ruminants as a forage crop and grazing. It is not demanding on soil conditions, but is not recommended for regions up over 600 m a.s. l.. It is characterized by a good health condition, overwintering and good perennializy even of the stand is not cut.


  • very good suitability of utilization for highways, recultivation and erosion control
  • long period of flowering
  • no demands on soil conditions
  • high seed yields
  • good tillering ability
  • possibility of using as a forage crop