Egyptian clover

Trifolium alexandrinum  L.

Licensed in 2011
Mass selection of foreign varieties followed by selection in the dry conditions.

Egyptian clover


Annual species from the family Fabaceae with long taproot. The stems are erect, semi-erect and hollowness. The leaves are large, elliptical to lanceolate shape. The plant habit looks like alfalfa. The flowers occur in round to oval heads usually on long flower stalks. The flowers are white to yellowish white.

In monoculture like main crop, intercrop or in the mixture with annual ryegrass.

Agronomical characteristics:

- Sowing rate is 12–15 kg.ha-1
- Sowing in 12,5 cm rows to the 2 cm depth, very early spring
- Early first cut like weed protection
- Provides three cuts per a year
- For seed harvest from second cut