Fodder mallow

Malva verticillata L.

Year of registration: 2018

Fodder mallow

The first Czech variety of fodder mallow were bred from individual selections from different materials from botanical gardens

stem – erect, not lodging, when grown as spaced plants branched
leaf – orbicular, lobed with five to seven lobes
inflorescence – umbel, flowers are coloured from pink to lilac
fruit- mature is splitted into 10 – 12 parts

Economical traits:

  • annual fodder crops, under favourable conditions two cuttings can be reached
  • as main crops grown for green and dry matter is very yielding
  • when grown as catch crop the yield is uncertain
  • this crop prefers good soils, high level of nitrogen in soil promote higher level of nitrates in green matter
  • the best results are reached in warm regions with high level of moisture
  • in initial phases of grow is infest with weed, in higher stages of development suppresses weeds