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Specialized maps

This work was supported with MZe NAZV QJ1230077 (Testing of some chosen brassicacae insect pests susceptibility to insecticides) and QH81218 (Testing of new accesses to stem weevils (C. pallidactylus and C. napi) control in oil seed rape based on more precise monitoring of their occurrence and behaviour and testing of Meligethes aeneus subpopulations to pyrethroid resistance)
Cypermethrin, Meligethes aeneus, 2012, map of resistence

Lambda-cyhalothrin; Meligethes aeneus; 2011; map of resistence

Lambda-cyhalothrin; Meligethes aeneus; 2012, map of resistence

Chlorpyrifos, Meligethes aeneus, 2012, map of resistence

How to work with the data on the map::
1) select the web page
2) choose the right map - choose the right A.I., type of test insects and a year of testing
3) after opening the maps to study the legend to the left of custom maps - are some of the important information necessary for a proper understanding of the data presented on the map, at the same time there is a web link to the accompanying text with a detailed interpretation of the results
4) map can be changed using the mouse the map scale (zoom in, zoom out)
5) mark the location of interest (= locality from which it was removed in the year collecting pollen tested for the active substance) and click
6) study the information from the maps

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