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Vymyslický Tomáš, Mgr., Ph.D.




vymyslicky (at) vupt.cz

Absolvent of the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno, the course Systematic botany and geobotany, in 1996–2001. Master thesis: „Invasive plant species and their communities along South Moravian rivers“. In the period 2009-2016 he had been an external Ph.D. student of Agronomical Faculty, Mendel University in Brno, the course Phytotechnics, theme „The evaluation of gene-pool collections and drought resistance of selected leguminous species“.

He has been an employee of the Research Institute for Fodder Crops, Ltd. in Troubsko since August 2001. Since January 2004, he has also been working in Agricultural Research, Ltd. in Troubsko.

He has been participated in projects: “Methods of conservation and monitoring of disappearing landrace germplasm and threatened wild species of useful plants” (2000–2003), “Raising of sheep in marginal areas” (2001–2004), “Increasing of the diversity of forage crop communities” (2003–2007), “Conservation of plant biodiversity in the system of sustainable agriculture and landscaping” (2004–2008), “Minor crops for specific food utilization” (2006–2009) Eureka INWASCOMP (E!3824) “From industrial waste to commercial products” (2007–2010), “A pilot project of prevention of soil biological degradation under conditions of arid climate” (2008–2011), “Study of methods and crop management practices for seed yield of selected grass, legumes and intercrop species and quality increasing in organic agriculture” (2010–2014), Eureka WINEREST (E!6742) „Sustainable and innovative use of wastes from grape and fruit processing“ (2012-2015), „Establishment and management of pond dykes growths with respect to their utilisation“ (2012-2016), „Development and optimization methods for the determination of biogenic amines in response to increasing health security of silage“ (2013-2017) etc.
He is specialized in the study of fallow and barren vegetation, in the study of biology and ecology of weeds, rare and endangered species of the Czech flora; in the study of grassland vegetation; in the study of different species of the family Fabaceae and their use in agriculture and landscape. He participated in mapping and updating of the mapping of the NATURA 2000 in the Czech Republic. He is a member of the Czech Botanical Society and Eucarpia association.

He presented the results of his work at conferences, seminars and workshops both in the Czech Republic and abroad. He is an author and co-author of 130 papers and contributions.

Language knowledge:

English – active
Russian – active
German – passive

Selected publications:

Vymyslický T., Gottwaldová P., Pelikán J. (2003): Some important species of the family Fabaceae studied in the Research Institute for Fodder Crops, Troubsko. – Czech J. Genet. Plant Breed., 39, (Special Issue): 258–263.
Vymyslický T. et Grulich V. (2004): Chorispora tenella and Corispermum canescens found in South Moravia. – Zpr. Čes. Bot. Společ., 39: 167–170. [In Czech]
Vymyslický T. (2004): Distribution of some invasive plant species along South Moravian rivers. – Zpr. Čes. Bot. Společ., 39: 41–62. [In Czech]
Vymyslický T., Reiterová L., Bábková M. (2005): The collecting and utilization of plant genetic resources from the Podyjí National Park (Czech Republic). – In: Sborn. Konf. Eucarpia, „Plant Genetic Resources of Geographical and Other Islands“, Castelsardo, Italy, 30.3.–2.4.: 305–310.
Pelikán J., Vymyslický T., Nedělník J., Gottwaldová P., Rotrekl J. (2005): Increasing the diversity of forage crop communities. – In: „Integrating Efficient Grassland Farming and Biodiversity“, Grassland Science in Europe, 10: 569–572.
Vymyslický T. (2005): Comparative biology of two endangered weed species: Centaurea cyanus and Caucalis platycarpos. – Sbor. věd. prací Troubsko 15: 83 – 92. [In Czech]
Vymyslický T., Moravcová H., Pokorný R., Pelikán J., Nedělník J., Soldánová M., Poláková M. (2009): Complete evaluation of the Czech core collection of Trifolium pratense, including morphological, molecular and phytopathological data. – In. Proceedings of the XXVIIth Eucarpia symposium on improvement of fodder crops and amenity grasses, Copenhagen, Denmark, 19–23.8.2007: 223–227.
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Applied certified methodology No. 8/09: Vymyslický T. et Neugebauerová J. (2009): Methodics of liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) growing in the Czech Republic. – VÚP Troubsko, ZV Troubsko. 23 pp. ISBN: 978–80–86908–17–5. [in Czech]
Vymyslický T. (2010): Monitoring of selected threatened Fabaceae species in Moravia. – Czech J. Genet. Plant Breed., 46 (special issue): S9–S13.
Vymyslický T., Knotová D., Badalíková B., Hrubý J., Bartlová J., Nedělník J. (2010): Monitoring of vegetation changes on dykes after sowing selected species. – In: Biotechnology in animal husbandry, Vol. 26/2 (special issue): 567–575. ISSN 1450–9156.
Vymyslický T., Pelikán J., Gottwaldová P., Nedělník J. (2010): The Czech core collection of Trifolium repens L. – In: Ed. Christian Huyghe: Sustainable Use of Genetic Diversity in Forage and Turf Breeding. Springer, 167–172. ISBN 978–90–481–8705–8.
Vymyslický T., Pelikán J., Janovská D., Rysová J., Hofbauer J., Šmahel P., Vaculová K., Balounová M., Prokeš J. (2010): Growing of selected minor crops under the conditions of the Czech Republic for their use in food industry. – Úroda 12 (scientific supplement), p. 65–70. ISSN: 0139–6013. [in Czech]
Vymyslicky T., Fabsicova M., Entova M. and Kurova J. (2011):  Fallows as a small-area possibility how to increase the biodiversity in grasslands. – In: Grassland Farming and Land Management Systems in Mountainous Regions“, Grassland Science in Europe, 16: 514–516. ISBN 978-3-902559-65-4.
Vymyslický T., Semanová I., Janků L., Spačková P. (2011): Comparison of the species composition changes in mixtures sown at different experimental localities. – Úroda 10 (scientific supplement), 668–673. ISSN: 0139-6013. [in Czech]
Gillová L., Kitner M., Majeský L., Skálová D., Vymyslický T. (2011): New knowledge on Artemisia pancicii. – Příroda 31: 11-31. [in Czech]
Kitner M., Majeský L., Gillová L., Vymyslický T. & Nagler M. (2012): Genetic structure of Artemisia pancicii populations inferred from AFLP and cpDNA data. –  Preslia 84: 97–120.
Vymyslický T., Šmarda P., Pelikán J., Cholastová T., Nedělník J., Moravcová H., Pokorný R., Soldánová M., Poláková M. (2012): Evaluation of the Czech core collection of Trifolium pratense, including morphological, molecular and phytopathological data. – African Journal of Biotechnology 11 (15): 3583 – 3595.
Applied certified methodology 13/11: Vymyslický T. et Neugebauerová J. (2012): Methodics of evaluation of the genus liquorice (Glycyrrhiza L.). – VÚP Troubsko, ZV Troubsko, MENDELU. 32 s. ISBN: 978-80-86908-22-9. [in Czech]
Applied certified methodology 16/11: Vymyslický T., Badalíková B., Knotová D., Bartlová J. (2012): Methodology of application of EnviMIX on dykes and their subsequent greening. – VÚP Troubsko, ZV Troubsko. 39 s. ISBN: 978-80-86908-26-7. [in Czech]
Smýkal P., Coyne C., Ambrose M., Maxted N., Schaefer H., Blair M., Berger J., Greene S., Nelson M., Besharat N., Vymyslický T., Toker C., Saxena R., Roorkiwal M., Pandey M., Hu J., Li Y., Wang L., Guo Y., Qiu L., Redden R. & Varshney R. (2014): Legume crops phylogeny and genetic diversity for science and breeding. Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences, 34 (2015):43–104.
Vymyslický T., Musil Z. (2014): Monitoring of vegetation changes in selected sinkholes in the Moravian Karst, Czech Republic. – In: Ed. Sokolović D.:  Quantitative traits breeding for multifunctional grasslands and turf. Springer, 49–54.
Vymyslický T., Badalíková B. (2015): The importance of vegetation on fishpond dykes in the Czech Republic. – In: Conference Proceedings of the 15th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2015 Albena, Section Ecology and Environmental Protection, 921–926.
Badalíková B., Novotná J., Vymyslický T., Knotová D., Hůrka M. (2015): Využití kompostů ze zbytků po zpracování hroznů a ovoce pro zlepšení půdních vlastností. – Uplatněná certifikovaná metodika 30/2015.

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