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Vašinka Martin Mgr.



vasinka (at) vupt.cz



2011 – 2016 Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Department of Geological Sciences
Field of study: Geology applied and environmental
Magister degree successfully completed in 2016
Bachelor's degree successfully completed in 2014
2003 – 2011 Jakub Škoda Gymnasium, Přerov
General education
Graduation examination completed in 2011

Research interests

  • Physical and chemical soil properties
  • Distribution of the elements in the soil
  • Composition and type of parent rock

Language knowledge

English - advanced knowledge (active) + knowledge in Geology
French - basic knowledge (passive)

The list of projects

2019 - 2021 Reseach leader of the project TAČR TJ02000068 Utilization of bentonite on light soils affected by drought in order to increase yields and soil fertilization
2018 - 2022 Other solver of the project NAZV QK1810233 Quantification of the impact of farming management on soil erosion, soil quality and yields of crops with proposals of the environmentally friendly cultivation technologies
2017 - 2020 Other solver of the project TAČR TH02030467 The development and verification of apparatus for deep incorporation of organic matter to the soil in vineyards and orchards

Important publications

VAŠINKA, Martin, Lukáš KRMÍČEK, Dalibor VŠIANSKÝ, Pavel COUFALÍK, Ondřej ZVĚŘINA, Radek ŠEVČÍK a Josef KOMÁREK. Heavy metals in lake sediments of deglaciated area of James Ross Island (Antarctica). In Students in Polar and Alpine Research Conference 2017. 2017. ISBN 978-80-210-8564-0

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