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2012 – 2014 Mendel University Brno, specialisation for Plant Pathology
2003 – 2008 Mendel University Brno, Master‘s programme at the Faculty of AgriSciences majoring in General Agriculture
2008 – 2017 worked as a technician of agriculture research in Research Institute for Fodder Crops in Troubsko.

Research interests

Since 2017 working at the Department of Plant Protection as a virologist and mycologist deaing mainly with the issue of mycotoxins in fodder and food.

Language knowledge

English (B1)
German (B1)
Russian (B1)

The list of projects

EUCLEG - Breeding forage and grain legumes to increase EU‘s and China‘s protein self-sufficiency
Systems of application of fluid organic fertilisers as a tool for improving the soil‘s conditions, enhancing the plants‘ usage of nutrients, and minimalisation of their impact on the environment.
Growing corn for seed in a controlled systém of mixed culture with the use of legumes
Suggest new procedures of maintenance of permanent grass covers in LFA by minimalisation of hygiene risks connected with the occurence of allergenic microorganisms, mainly from the genus Fusarium

Important publications

Nedělník, J., Strejčková, M., Sabolová, T., Cagaš, B., Both, Z., Palicová, J., Hortová, B. (2015): First report of Fusarium poae associated with and/or causing silvertop on loloid-type Festulolium in the Czech Republic. Plant Protection Science 51, 3, 136-140
Nedělník, J., Palicová, J., Hortová, B., Strejčková M. (2014): Issues regarding the genus Fusarium in permanent grassland. EGF at 50: The Future of European Grassland, vol. 19, Grassland Science in Europe, 421-423. ISBN978-0-9926940-1-2
Nedělník, J., Strejčková, M., Cholastová, T., Both, Z., Palicová, J. and Hortová, B. (2014): Feeding, mycological, and toxicological quality of haylage. EGF at 50: The Future of European Grassland, vol. 19, Grassland Science in Europe, 606-609. ISBN978-0-9926940-1-2
NEDĚLNÍK J., BOTH Z., CAGAŠ B., MACHÁČ R., PALICOVÁ J., HORTOVÁ B., STREJČKOVÁ M., SABOLOVÁ T. (2014): Methodology of optimalisation of mulching with regards to the occurence of Fusaria. Applied certified methodology 27/14. ISBN: 978-80-88000-02-0
SABOLOVÁ T., HORTOVÁ B., PALICOVÁ J., STREJČKOVÁ M., NEDĚLNÍK J. (2014): Methodology of detection of Fusarium oxysporum with the use of type-specific PCR. Applied certified methodology 28/14. ISBN: 978-80-88000-03-7

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