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Badalíková Barbora, Ing.



badalikova (at) vupt.cz


1978: Agricultural University Brno, Faculty of Agronomy, Phytotechnics branch

Research activities:

  • Soil management – different soil tillage, revitalisation of polluted soils by oil wastes
  • Following soil environment – soil organic matter, humus quality, soil physical properties, chemical properties and some biological properties
  • Soil protection technology of soil tillage - inter crops utilization in soil protection from erosion
  • Crop yields and their quality parameters


Member of Czech Pedological association, member of International soil tillage research organization (ISTRO), member of International humic substances society (IHSS), member of Czech Academy of agricultural science.


English – active, German, Russian - passive

Most important publications for last five years:

Badalíková B., 2008: Soil erosion. Chapter in book: „Minimisation of soil tillage”,  2008, p. 38-42  (in Czech)
Badalíková B., Červinka J., 2008: Effects of different soil tillage systems on sugar beet yields and dynamics of humus content in soil. 5th International Conference ISTRO CR, Brno, In  CD: Soil Tillage – New Perspectives, p.97-104
Badalíková B., Červinka J., 2008: Different technology of soil tillage to sugar beet and their influence over content soil humus and sugar beet yield. Listy cukrovarnické a řepařské č.11, 2008, 124, p. 306-310  (in Czech)
Badalíková B., Hrubý J., 2009: Utilize of non-traditional intercrops by soil protection from erosion. Applied certify methodology 6/09, 10 p.  ISBN: 987-8086908-11-3 (in Czech)

Badalíková B., Hrubý J. 2009: The evaluation of selection of catch crops from view of soil protection requirement). Acta fytotechnica et zootechnica, 2/2008, 1, Nitra, SR, s.49–52 ISSN 1335–258X

Badalíková B., Hrubý J., Bartlová J., Hartman I. 2009: Phytoremedical proceeding with utilize of non-traditional crops. Applied certify methodology 7/09 14 p. ISBN 978–80–86908–13–7   (in Czech)

Badalíková B., 2010: Influence of Soil Tillage on Soil Compaction. Chapter in book In: Soil Engineering, Soil Biology, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida, UP, India, vol. 20: 230, p. 19–30. ISSN 1613–3382 ISBN 978–3–642–0380–4

Badalíková B., Hrubý J., 2010: Following of erosive wash of soil in variants with different intercrops. In: ACTA Universitatis Agriculturae et Silvicultarae Mendelianae Brunensis, roč. LVIII, no. 2, 2010, p. 27–33 ISSN 1211–8516  (in Czech)

Badalíková B., Bartlová J., 2010: Effect of different application of compost from biologically degradable waste on soil infiltration. In Proc.: Agro 2010 the XIth ESA Congress, Montpellier, Francie, p.235–236 ISBN 978–2-909613–01–7

Badalíková B., Bartlová J., 2011: Use of composts made of biologically degradable materials when improving soil environment. In proccedings of the 15th Conference of Environment and Mineral Processing, Part I., Technical University of Ostrava, p.143-147 ISBN 978-80-248-2387-4
Badalíková B., Bartlová J., 2011:  Degradation Processes taking Place in Soils under Conditions of Different Tillage. In sborník CD, 6th International conference ISTRO: Crop management practices adaptable to soil conditions and climate chase, Průhonice 2011, p.8-13 
ISBN 978-80-86908-27-4
Badalíková B., Červinka J., 2011: Utilization of agricultural mechanization in alternate rows of vineyard and its influence on the soil structure. In: science on-line Journal Agritech Science, 11/3/, p.1-4  ISSN 1802-8942
Badalíková B., Bartlová J., 2012: Influence of incorporated organic matter on soil and infiltration. Chapter in book: Soil – School, published by Szent Istvan University Press on behalf of Márta Birkás, Gödöllő, Hungary, p. 293-298     ISBN 978-963-269-299-9
Badalíková B., Červinka J., 2012: Effect of ploughing-down of grapevine Chips on soil structure when usingspecial agricultural machinery. In: ACTA Universitatis Agriculturae et Silvicultarae Mendelianae Brunensis, LX, no. 6, p. 9–14         ISSN 1211-8516
Badalíková B., Pokorný E., Šarapatka B., Bartlová J., Čáp L., Červinka J., Hybler V., Jandák J., Pospíšilová L., 2012: Acceptable soil tillage for minimization of degradation changes. Applied certify metodology 19/12, 29 p.   ISBN 978-80-905080-1-9   (in Czech)

Projects at present solved

“Agronomic measures to a reduction of water erosion on arable land with utilization of organic matter plough down”
Investigator: Barbora Badalíková
Supported by: Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic
Time of solving: 2012-2016
“Establishement and management of pond dykes growths with respect to their utilisation“
Co-investigator: Barbora Badalíková
Supported by: Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic
Time of solving: 2012-2016
„Sustainable and innovative use of waste from grape and fruit processing“
Co-investigator: Barbora Badalíková
Supported by: Program EUREKA - Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic
Time of solving: 2012 – 2015

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