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Department of Genetic Resources

Head of department: Mgr. Tomáš Vymyslický, Ph.D.
Staff: Ing. Daniela Knotová, Ph.D.
  Ing. Pavlína Kadaňková
  Ing. Antonín Kintl
  Ing. Jan Pelikán, CSc.
  Mgr. Helena Hutyrová
  Mgr. Alena Votavová, Ph.D.
  Ing. Vladěna Koukalová
  Jan Král
  Renata Doležalová
  Milena Jandová
  Jitka Del Faverová
  Ing. Martina Veselá
  Ing. Renata Sedláčková
  Ing. Kateřina Nováková


  • National programme of the plant gene-pool preservation and utilization – creation of national collection of species of the family Fabaceae (Medicago spp., Trifolium pratense, T. repens, Trifolium spp. and others), Carthamus tinctorius, Phacelia tanacetifolia, Phalaris canariensis and other wild-growing plant species.
  • Methods of the conservation and monitoring of the disappearing gene-pool of the regional forms and endangered wild species of the useful plants.
  • Conservation of plant biodiversity in the system of sustainable agriculture and landscaping.
  • Providing genetic resources and respective information for users in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • Breeding and use of non-traditional fodder species in the agriculture and in the landscaping (Phacelia tanacetifolia, Phacelia congesta, Trifolium alexandrinum, Phalaris canariensis, Onobrychis viciifolia, Anthyllis vulneraria, Lotus corniculatus, L. ornithopodioides, Secale cereale var. multicaule, Phaseolus vulgaris, Lathyrus sativus, Lablab purpureus, Salvia spp.).
  • Minor crops for specific food utilization.
  • Increasing of the diversity of forage crop communities.
  • Cooperation with protected landscape area Moravský kras and Podyjí national park.
  • Botanical monitoring of the permanent grass growths.
  • Study of vegetation of fallow and barren communities.
  • Development and optimization methods for the determination of biogenic amines in response to increasing health security of silage.
  • The ways of establishment and management of pond dykes with respect to utilisation of produced biomass.
  • Study of methods and crop management practices for seed yield of selected grass, legumes and intercrop species and quality increasing in organic agriculture.
  • Laboratory rearing of bumblebees.
  • Gathering the information about the physiology of hibernation and aestivation, based on changes in both quality and quantity of lipids in fat bodies of queens during their life.
  • Study of harmfulness of pests, parasites.
  • Study of micro flora of their digestive tract.
  • Study of the immunity of bumblebees.
  • Research and monitoring of bumblebees and the measures supporting their occurrence in the countryside.
  • Pollination services and consultancy.

Research Institute for Fodder Crops Ltd. examine assortment of the Medicago sp., Trifolium pratense, T. repens and other fodder plants in field trials. We search for available accessions of these species from the whole world for our trials. If you are interested in examination of your materials under the conditions of the Czech Republic, please send ca 250 g of seeds. When the trials are finished, we will send you the results. With the packet, please attach proforma invoice and with the samples of Medicago sp. and Trifolium sp., it is necessary to attach phytosanitary certificate and declaration, that the samples do not come from the stands infected by Corynebacterium and Verticillium.

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