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TREFOIL, Lotus ornithopodioides L., MIREK

TREFOIL, Lotus ornithopodioides L., JUNAK

Year of registration: 2015

Origin: Individual selections from materials obtained from botanic gardens and by mixing of selected progenies

Stem: longing, seldom erect, branched
Leaf: petuiolate leaflets, obovate
Inflorescence: capitular umbel with 2–5 flowers
Flower: eggyolk-yellow petals
Fruit: sickle-shaped pod, 4–5 cm long, greatly depressed, reddish-brown, pointed
Seed: lentil-like flattened, yellow-brown to green-brown, smooth to bright
1000-seed weight: 1,156–1,650 g

Economic traits:

  • annual, multi-cut forage crop which can be left without cutting for autumn ploughing down
  • tolerates all soil and climatic conditions
  • it makes best grouwth when sufficient soil moisture is available, but it is resistant to drought
  • when seeded in wide rows the cluster becomes prostrate

Practical advice to growers:

  • if grown for forage, it should be sown no earlier than from April to May into 12,5 cm rows
  • sowing rate is 12 – 15 kg/ha
  • if grown for forage it is cut at the time of blooming
  • the time of cutting can be chosen as required because even at the time of pod maturation the stand continues to grow and does not become senescent

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