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CANARY GRASS. Phalaris canariensis L. JUDITA

CANARY GRASS. Phalaris canariensis L. JUDITA

Selections from materials obtained from botanical gardens and mixture of selected offsprings

Stalks: immediate, glabrous
Leaves: wide, slightly rough
Iinflorescence: highly contracted panicle
Spikelet: shortly penuncled, with one branch, 2 couple of chaff
Seed: 2–3 mm long, yellowish, smooth, bright

Economical traits:

  • annual, one cut and thermophilous grass for growing either in pure stands or in mixtures with annual species. It is used for green or dry matter
  • this species has very good feeding rate
  • unassuming for soil conditions
  • it is very good preceding crop
  • the grain can be used for feeding of poultry and exotic birds

Practical advice to growers:

  • for fodder production this crop have to be sown as soon as possible after the harvest of preceding crop
  • for grain production it have to be sown in the second half of April (it needs 10o C for emergence)
  • seeding in 12,5 – 25 cm rows
  • seeding rate 15–20 kg/ha
  • overall time of vegetation is 80 –120 days

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