Hyacinth bean

Lablab purpureus L.

Licensed in 2011 and 2015
Bred from the material originated from botanical garden by the method of negative selection.

Hyacinth bean


• Annual plants, ascending with twining stem, having large broad leaves
• Violet colour of the plant
• Branched root with nodule bacteria
• Violet colour of the flower
• Pod with 1–2 brown-black seeds with white stripe

• Pulse crop with high protein content
• Crop for food use
• Hyacinth Bean is suitable for outdoor growing only in the warmest regions of the Czech Republic, in other cases only for greenhouse cultivation.
• Because of high drought resistance, ability of nitrogen fixation of atmospheric nitrogen is suitable for growing on less fertile soils
• Suitable as intercrop

Agronomical characteristics:
• Thermophilous crop
• Sowing in April (because of effective use of the spring soil moisture)
• Sowing rate 100 kg/ha
• Vegetation period according to climatic conditions 180 days on average
• Seed harvest according to climatic conditions in October, it can be harvested after first frost.
• No diseases and pests observed