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Last and first name email
Absolínová Zuzana - Department of Genetic Resources
Badalíková Barbora, Ing. badalikova (at) vup­t.cz Department of Agronomy
Bednářová Eva bednarova (at) vupt.cz Department of Genetic Resources
Čudán Jan - Support
Del Faverová - Department of Genetic Resources
Doležal Karel - Support    
Doležal Karel ml. - Support
Doležalová Renata - Department of Genetic Resources
Doskočilová Kateřina, Ing. doskocilova (at) vupt.cz Department of Economics
Fical Karel Ing. fical (at) vupt.cz Support
Haiserová Hana - Support
Hájková Taťána - Department of Phytosanitary
Hofbauer Jan, RNDr., CSc. hofbauer (at) vup­t.cz Department of Plant Physiology and Plant Genetic
Hutyrová Helena, Mgr. hutyrova (at) vup­t.cz Department of Genetic Resources
Jandová Milena - Department of Genetic Resources
Knotová Daniela, Ing., Ph.D. knotova (at) vup­t.cz Department of Genetic Resources
Kolařík Pavel, Ing. kolarik (at) vup­t.cz Department of Phytosanitary
Kolaříková Karla, Ing. martinkova (at) vup­t.cz Department of Phytosanitary
Komínková Jana, Ing. kominkova (at) vupt.cz Department of Phytosanitary
Komzáková Olga, Mgr. komzakova (at) vup­t.cz Department of Genetic Resources
Konicar Vít, Ing. - Support
Kubíková Zuzana, Ing., Ph.D. mikusova (at) vup­t.cz Department of Phytosanitary
Kuchaříková Dana - Department of Economics
Lang Jaroslav, Ing., Ph.D. lang (at) vupt.cz Department of Agronomy
Lukášek Břetislav - Support
Nedělník Jan, RNDr., Ph.D. nedelnik (at) vup­t.cz Department of Phytosanitary
Novotná Jaroslava, Ing., Ph.D. jaroslava.novotna (at) vup­t.cz Department of Agronomy    
Novotná Marcela - Department of Genetic Resources
Novotná Tamara - Department of Phytosanitary
Otoupalík Lubomír - Support
Partyková Marie andryskova (at) vup­t.cz Department of Economics
Pelikán Jan, Ing., CSc. pelikan (at) vup­t.cz Department of Genetic Resources
Pokorná Dana pokorna (at) vup­t.cz Secretariat
Raab Simona, Ing. raab (at) vup­t.cz Department of Genetic Resources
Rotrekl Jiří, doc., Ing., CSc. rotrekl (at) vup­t.cz Department of Phytosanitary
Slabá Veronika, Ing. slaba (at) vupt.cz Department of Plant Physiology and Plant Genetic
Smetanová Marie - Department of Phytosanitary
Šafaříková Hana, Ing. realizace (at) vupt.cz Department of Plant Physiology and Plant Genetic
Šindelková Ivana, Ing. sindelkova (at) vup­t.cz Department of Agronomy
Strejčková Miroslava, Ing. strejckova (at) vup­t.cz
Department of Phytosanitary
Štěpánková Lada - Department of Genetic Resources
Trněný Oldřich, Ing. trneny (at) vupt.cz Department of Plant Physiology and Plant Genetic
Vávrová Zdeňka molek.lab (at) vupt.cz Department of Physiology and Plant Genetic
Vejražka Karel, Ing., Ph.D. vejrazka (at) vup­t.cz Department of Physiology and Plant Genetic
Vícha Daniel, Ing. vicha (at) vupt.cz Department of Genetic Resources
Votavová Alena, Mgr., Ph.D. votavova (at) vup­t.cz Department of Genetic Resources    
Vymyslický Tomáš, Mgr., Ph.D. vymyslicky (at) vup­t.cz Department of Genetic Resources

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