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Research Institute for Fodder Crops, Ltd. Troubsko

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Research Institute for Fodder Crops, Ltd. Troubsko


European bee award 2015




We participated on National of Livestock 2015. Short video is possible to view on youtube.com or at below screen.

We participated on International Fair of Agricultural Technology 2014. Short video is possible to view on youtube.com or at below screen.




New international project EUREKA E! 6742 – WINEREST: Sustainable and innovative use of waste from grape and fruit processing will be solved from 1.3.2012. Participating countries are the Czech Republic (Research Institute for Fodder Crops, Ltd., Troubsko and AGRO-EKO, Ltd., Ostrava) and Serbia (Institute for Forage Crops, Ltd.; Rubin JSC, Kruševac and Vino Župa JSC, Alexandrovac).

Search partner for scientific and research cooperation in 7th Framework Programme

Annual report 2013-2014 can be downloaded here

Annual report 2011–2012 can be downloaded here

Annual report 2009–2010 can be downloaded here



Ladies and gentlemen,
You are visiting new webpages from the Research Institute for Fodder Crops, Ltd. Troubsko. The editorial board tries to present all activities of our institute and offer some co-operation possibilities and other services for the future.

You have a chance to get acquainted with the projects solved in the years 2005–2006.

Agricultural and environmental research, breeding, consultancy, trading activities and services, and agricultural production have been the main activities of the Institute. The Institute is conducting a number of relevant research project funded mostly by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. Other projects are supported from the funds of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic or Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. We are collaborating with various specialist workplaces and other companies in the Czech Republic and abroad on many projects. The Institute is holder of ISO certificates of management quality (ISO 9001:2001) and environmental management (ISO 14001:2005).

The aim of the Research Institute for Fodder Crops Ltd. Troubsko is to promote the development of agricultural business through its advanced and conceptual research, to make it competitive and to sustain its competitiveness.

The Institute owns eleven non-traditional crop varieties and other newly bred varieties have been tested in the official state trials. Seed propagation and trading is provided.

Other services linked with all research lines are offered (see below).

The research and breeding results are presented in different workshops and conferences. Every year the Institute takes part in agricultural trade fairs (TECHAGRO Brno, Země živitelka České Budějovice). In last two years it has organised some international conferences – Brno 2006.

The Research Institute for Fodder Crops, Ltd. Troubsko, is a member of the Association of Private Agricultural Research Organisations located at Troubsko and the Association of Research Organisations.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that the annual report will inspire you to linking-up.


Zahradni 1,
664 41 Troubsko
Czech Republic

Fax: +420 547 227 385
Phone: +420 547 227 379–81
GSM gateway: +420 731 840 178
E-mail: vupt (at) vupt.cz

Basic information:

Research Institute for Fodder Crops is private company.


  • 19 scientific and research workers
  • 19 assistants
  • 8 agricultural workers
  • 150 ha


  • research projects
  • breeding program
  • agriculture production
  • extension services
  • commercial activities

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